This is a Test!

Greetings, all! This is a test to determine whether my posts are appearing in your Readers. They’ve stopped showing up in mine, and all attempts to correct the problem haven’t worked so far.

My last few posts, which seem to have gone AWOL, can be found here:

Breaking the Rules (posted May 13)

Full Moon Magick (posted May 11)

Leap of Faith (posted May 9)

I would really appreciate it if you could check your Readers to see if they’re there, and let me know in a comment below. And if a similar thing has happened to you, and you found a solution, your advice would be most helpful. There are still a couple of things I haven’t tried, but I think I’ve sprouted a few more grey hairs over this – and I really don’t need any more of those.

While we’re at it, if anyone knows how to delete an unwanted Category from Categories and Tags, I’d love to know how. What is described in the support forum is not what I see on my site. Any thoughts?

Thank you to Samantha for her help, and to anyone who can shed light on this confuzzlement!

– a tested and testy little gillyflower

UPDATE: With some intervention from Support, my feed has now been “unstuck” and everything is, thankfully, back to normal. Whew!