about me


Merry Meet and Blessed Be!

I’ve had the great fortune to spend part of every summer on a small island on Lake Muskoka in beautiful southern Ontario. It is there, taking walks in the peaceful, sun-dappled boreal forest, that I learned early on to love and deeply respect Nature. I feel very connected to the Earth and all its wonders, and the Moon lights my way.

As a crafter who loves trying new things, I enjoy cross-stitch, knitting, sewing, needle felting, leathercrafting, basketry, knotwork, calligraphy, watercolors and other mixed-media and digital art … and I’m not done yet! You can see some of my efforts in the Manu Facta section of this blog.

I’m also fascinated by medicinal and culinary plants and their uses throughout history by women far wiser than me. When the cauldron calls, I experiment with traditional folk recipes using simple ingredients such as herbs and spices, beeswax, honey, essential oils and other organics. See Alchemy and Apothecary for the results!

I’m also an avid reader and writer, sharing my poetry, prose and book reviews on my creative writing site, Flagstones & Fog. My work there is influenced by – but not limited to – Victorian gaslight, historical and timeslip fiction. (The Middle and Dark Ages and Tolkien have also had a big impact.) If you have the time, I’d be exceedingly obliged if you stopped by for a visit.

I do hope you will find something here, for however long you stay, to remind you that there is a little bit of magick in every day!