Altered Playing Card

Exploring other ways of using collage and layering, this is my first attempt at making altered playing cards. I had an oversized 3.75” x 5.5” deck of cards that I’ve been wondering what to do with – how about a 52-page book, each “page” decorated in a different way?

The materials I used for this card were: 120 grit sandpaper, two shades of acrylic craft paint (Fawn and Avocado), paper towel, scrapbooking paper, glue stick, two shades of distress ink, washi tape, a page torn from an old paperback, and botanical stickers.

aged-playing-cardFirst, I lightly scuffed up both sides of the glossy plastic card with fine sandpaper. This creates a surface with “tooth” to give paint and other media something to adhere to. Then, to “age” the card, I used my finger to rub a thin layer of sepia-toned paint into both sides, removing the excess with a damp paper towel.

altered-playing-card-collageNext, I glued on a piece of torn scrapbooking paper with an old script pattern as the background. I decided to add some green paint in the upper left corner to tie in with the forest-y stickers I planned to use. Then more aging with Tim Holtz distress ink in “Vintage Photo” and “Walnut Stain”, applied directly to the paper from the ink pad and with my finger, especially along the torn paper line and the edges and corners of the card.

altered-playing-card-reverseI added green paint and distressing to the back of the card, too, for a mossy, time-worn patina.

altered-playing-card-forestThe next step was a strip of washi tape underneath a torn scrap of a book page. The tape creates a backdrop for the print and helps it “pop” from the similarly-coloured background. And finally, I love these translucent stickers which allow what’s underneath to show through.

mushroom-altered-playing-cardEt voilà — the first page of my altered playing card book is done! Well, almost — I’ll use a punch to add a couple of holes down the left side to accommodate the metal binder rings which will hold the book together.

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