Candid Camera Challenge

Little Free Librar

The Little Free Library, a community drop-off, pick-up box open to anyone who loves to read and promote reading. Located in front of the old Central Public School (built 1916) in downtown Brampton, Ontario – known locally as “Flowertown”.

Happy Beltane … or May Day … or Now It’s Finally Spring Day! After more than a month of foul, non-springlike weather, today bloomed bright, sunny and mild. I’d awakened on this first day of May sometime before dawn to see Mistress Moon smiling benevolently upon us. A little later, I heard my first White-throated Sparrow of the season; I like to think these birds are extremely patriotic with their “Oh, sweet Canada, Canada, Canada!” anthem, declaring how happy they are to be back after winter vacation. Then, during my lunch break (when the temperature had skyrocketed to 27° C), I heard my first-of-the-year warbler. These tiny, jewel-like songbirds remind me of the most colourful tree decorations, bobbing from branch to branch, snapping up the season’s first juicy insects while they utter their “Hey baby, I’m HERE!” territorial/matrimonial songs. I couldn’t catch which warbler it was, but it was so nice to hear. As I went about an errand, I was elated to finally see flashes of colour on folks’ lawns: bright blue scilla here, golden daffodils there, and even a few patches of purple violets, those tiny ones that smell like a grandmother’s carefully-folded lace handkerchief.

And so, even though this is one of my longest work days when I won’t get home until well after 11:00 p.m., I’m happy to celebrate this hallowed ancient day with sunshine, birdsong, bright colours and scented flowers. How are you spending your May Day?

I had no specific theme for this month’s posts until I was driving around the neighbourhood on my lunch break. Job number one is situated in an historic city full of Victorian and Edwardian-era buildings. (One day, I’ll take a walking tour and do some architectural photography.) For months now, I’ve been meaning to stop and take a photo of a curious and charming feature that sits outside the local pubic school just up the street. Today was the day: I had a bit of extra time, and the brilliant blue sky made a glorious backdrop!

As I snapped a couple of pics, the theme came to me. What if any of my readers were to submit a suggestion for a photograph they’d like to see on this blog? It could be anything that one might expect to be able to capture in a typical day or week, any time during May: a city scene, a garden or flower, a building, architectural feature or artwork, an animal, an everyday object, etc. Nothing outrageous or naughty, please — in other words, keep it reasonable and keep it clean!

We could call this the Candid Camera Challenge. Keep in mind this is a challenge you, dear readers, set for me, by sending me your suggestions. You don’t need to do anything more than that, and I’ll try my best to get out there this month (or dig through my archives) and interpret your suggestions in as artful a way as I can.