Riverwood in Midwinter

Although I took these photos at The Riverwood Conservancy, a local woodland and park, last month, I thought I’d share them before we get closer to spring! If you’ve read any of my previous posts about this place, you’ll know that Riverwood is set in Carolinian forest and boasts historical buildings, including traces of 19th century farm archaeology.

I was taken by the varying textures and muted colours of slate, soft blue, moss, cream, ochre, rust and burnt umber I found on that sunny day in January. Enjoy!

MacEwan Barn still has its original 1865 inner beams and once stabled the owner’s prized horses.

Moss and lichen add a welcome bit of green to a cold and snowy January.

The entrance arch to the MacEwan Terrace Garden is inset with panels of swirling marble.

Not sure which species this is, but the tree, possibly Honey Locust or Buckthorn, has long and lethal-looking thorns (not shown) projecting from its trunk and branches.

Old equipment left to slowly subside on this former farm.

Dried fruit and silvery plumes of Virgin’s Bower (Clematis virginiana).

Warm brick contrasts with cool slate on steps at Chappell House, built 1919.

Lawn at Chappell House.

The sun sets over my favourite bit of woods at Riverwood.