During a break from work over the holidays, I had time to do a lot of crafting, including a number of new items for my Etsy shop. I also discovered several pieces I’d completed long ago and had put aside, intending to photograph and list in the store. (The task of taking and editing 5 or 6 product photos each and then doing the detailed write-up is tedious and often deters me from getting them done. I feel a resolution coming on… .) Once I get them listed, it’ll be good to have a fresh array of products for the new year!

The re-discovered pieces are copper and bronze pendants engraved freehand using a small electric engraving tool (a new technique for me) and then aged with Gilder’s wax. Finding them again has renewed my interest, so I’ll be doing some more designs soon.

The chainmaille bracelets, necklace and keychains (plus earrings not shown) use familiar weaves as well as new patterns, in copper, bronze, brass, aluminum and stainless steel. I have an idea to feature a different weave every once in a while, here or on my Facebook page, or both.

As I was photographing them, I realized that these glimmering, gleaming baubles probably qualify for January’s Monthly Meet-Up: Sparkle, a photo challenge set by Wild Daffodil. I hope you enjoy this small sampling of the shiny jewels I’ve been working on.

Stay warm, and keep crafting!


May I Have a Word?

Welcome to 2018! To start the New Year, I offer the first installment of The Blogger’s Dictionary, a compilation of terms used to humorous effect by some of the bloggers I’ve gotten to know over the last year or so. [Links to their sites shown.] Addenda will be published as accumulated. (Warning: The author strongly recommends that tea drinkers finish their morning cuppa before reading, lest they experience an unpleasant exsinuation event.)

Blogger’s Dictionary

away (off) with the fairies: (adj.) the condition of being in another world, distracted, or thinking about something else, making one prone to acts of clumsiness. As in, “I was away with the fairies when I tripped over my house panther and twisted my knee.” [samanthamurdochblog]

(to) chobble: (v.) a combination of to chomp and to gobble; what caterpillars do to the leaves of prized rose bushes [Pete Hillman’s Nature Photography]

confuzzlement: (n.) a perplexing state of utter confusion and puzzlement [gillyflower]

edumacation: (n.) not a WordPress-exclusive term, but one used on a regular basis in certain famous Friday posts [The Cobweborium Emporium]

exsinuation: (n.) the sudden, forceful and embarrassing evacuation from the body, via the sinus passages, of a beverage, often initiated by extreme hilarity [gillyflower]

gutter-minded: (adj.) low, base or sexual, esp. pertaining to one’s train of thought [gillyflower]

house panther: (n.) Felis domesticus, commonly known as the house or domestic cat (although any of this species would insist there’s nothing whatsoever domestic about them; they’re panthers, for crying out loud) [sevencatsandcounting]

Lady Up Her Own Nose: (n.) a personage who thinks she is Of Very Great Importance, but probably isn’t [nanacathydotcom]

pocket junk: (n.) those bits and bobs which collect in one’s trouser recepticules in the absence of a fabulous handbag [samanthamurdochblog]

recepticule: (n.) the place in one’s trousers where one’s pocket junk lives (now don’t be so gutter-minded) [samanthamurdochblog]

servament service: (n.) the act of providing essential needs (wet food, dry food, water, milk, clean litter, pitpats, silly talk, cuddles, alone time, mice to catch, sumptuous praise when mice are caught, cushion plumping, piles of fresh laundry, etc., etc., etc.) to Their Royal Highnesses, a.k.a. one’s house panthers [The Cobweborium Emporium]

sister scraps: 1. (n.) quarrels, often violent, between cohabiting female house panthers; 2. (n.) the gory results of same [samanthamurdochblog]

tinsel-tailed: (adj.) alarmed and on high alert, as a cat when confronted by a woofie or other undesirable [samanthamurdochblog]

twiddlemuff: (n.) a brightly-coloured knitted handwarmer with adornments such as buttons and pompons, intended as a textile version of a fidget spinner for those afflicted with restlessness or dementia [nanacathydotcom]

white good: (n.) of British origin, referring to electrical appliance in North American, i.e. oven, refrigerator, microwave [samanthamurdochblog]

woofie: (n.) Canis familiaris, commonly known as the domestic dog [sevencatsandcounting]

• • • • • • •  )O(  • • • • • • •

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