In Her Finest Silver

Harvest full moon, 5:13 a.m. EDT Oct 05 17

“Awake, arise!” she whispered,
so I knuckled my eyes and looked to the skies
and saw her there, in white lace and silver resplendent,
and she smiled at my sighs.
If ever I took a lover, swore I,
’twould be she.

“In Her Finest Silver” © 2017 Valerie Barrett. All rights reserved.

 This month’s full moon rises just after sundown and sets at sunrise, making it the only time of the month, depending on the viewer’s latitude, that the moon is visible all night long. It is named the Harvest Moon because it’s the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox, which occurred on September 22.

The October full moon is also named the Hunter Moon by some indigenous tribes because it was the time to hunt, to lay in provisions before winter.

Full Moon Rituals: Gaze at the full Moon in all her splendour, letting her cleanse and recharge you • Meditate in the light of the full moon • Burn sage to cleanse your home • The full moon is a time of abundance as well as release and letting go; give away old clothes or items you no longer need in order to create space for new abundance, or donate food to a food bank

Harvest Moon Diffuser Blend: 6 drops tangerine • 1 drop cinnamon • 1 drop clove

Acorn Magick: Acorns are a symbol of knowledge and foresight; ancient seers used to chew acorns when preparing for prophesy (do not consume, as acorns contain toxic tannins)  • Gathered during a full moon, acorns are said to attract faeries, bringing enchantment and good luck throughout the month • Place an acorn on a windowsill or your altar to promote wisdom and prosperity, or carry one (preferably one that’s been de-maggotized!) on your person as an amulet to banish loneliness

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