Bring On Spring!

I mentioned in an earlier post, New Beginnings, that the practice of looking for signs of seasonal change in nature is called phenology. The lightening of days, less bite to the breeze, shy heads of crocus peeking through last year’s leaves. With that first robin’s song or even a softer, gentler rain, suddenly our hearts are lifted and there is, yes, a spring in our step!

Today marks the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring. Here’s a look at just a few of our earliest-emerging species, typically seen in eastern Canada mid to late March, early April and May. To me, they are the surest signs that Monsieur l’Hiver has left us for another nine months or so, and that sweet Mademoiselle Printemps is here to stay!

Click on each image for expansion/slideshow and details.


8 thoughts on “Bring On Spring!

  1. Sorry I missed this post – major tech issues! So nice to see signs of Spring. I thought for a moment that it was snowing the other day, then realised it was a blossom petal. The relief was enormous!

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    • How lovely! (the falling petals, not the tech issues) Over here, we’re not nearly there yet – the trees barely have buds, let alone blossoms! But the days are definitely warmer, and as I type this, the robins are singing their heads off, jostling for the best territory.

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